The following are the list of major development projects in Kuching and links to related articles (if available) since 2015.  We will try to update the status of the developments as fast as we can.


  1. The Imperial Hotels & Residences
  2. D’Jewel Condominiums
  3. MJC SkyVillas Block 2
  4. iCom Square
  5. LEXUS, BMW, and NISSAN 4S Centres
  6. Kuching Underground Wastewater and sewerage System
  7. MJC McD drive-thru [open 2013]
  8. 360 Waterfront Hotels [Under construction]
  9. Matang Mall [Under construction]
  10. Papillion Street Mall, MJC
  11. Genesis Walk Mall
  12. VivaCity Megamall [Under construction, Click here for latest updates]
  13. The Republic
  14. MetroCity Newtownship [Under construction]
    • MetroCity Matang McDonald’s drive-thru with McCafe [Open 2014]
    • KFC drive-thru [Opened in 2015]
    • Petronas MetroCity [Opened 2015]
    • Boulevard Department Store and Supermarket in MetroCity Square [Under construction]
  15. Waterfront Golden Bridge [Under construction, Click here for latest updates]
  16. Third Kuching City North-South Link bridge [Proposed. No visible construction yet]
  17. AEON Mall Central [Rumours saying its located at the land opposite 3rd Mile KTS village]
  18. AEON Mall Tabuan [Strong rumours that its nearby Tabuan Tranquility]
  19. Giant HypermallPetra Jaya [Under construction. Ready 2016]
  20. Central World
  21. City Square Mixed Development
  22. D’Valley Shopping Mall
  23. Standard Parade Mixed Development
  24. India Street Mall Covered roof project [Under construction, Expected 2016]
  25. Majestic Hotel Tower 2 [Under construction]
  26. Kuching Waterfront Extension Project
  27. Lagenda Luxury Residences
  28. BDC Mixed Development
  29. D’Public Square
  30. Mydin Supermall Petra Jaya [Under construction, Expected 2016]
  31. P’Residences
  32. The Hub, Matang Jaya
    • Swan Mall [Proposed]
    • The Hub commercial lots [Under construction]
  33. Kuching Paragon
    • Sapphie [Under construction, Expected 2018]
    • Shopping Mall [Proposed]
    • Service Appartments [Proposed]
  34. East Gate City [Under construction]


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