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KUCHINGBORNEO.INFO and it’s author (hereafter collectively known as “this blog”) will not be directly or indirectly responsible/liable for any loss, damage or misfortune incurred by readers reading this blog. Comments posted on this blog shall be the whole responsibility of the commenter, and the owner of the blog has the right to remove and not publish inflammatory/racist comments.

All information forwarded to this blog via the contact form or by leaving comments is a direct agreement that the information can be used/published by the author of this blog in the future.

All photograph’s, images and art work on this blog which bear the watermark CYRILDASON.COM, CYRILDASON.BIZ, KUCHINGBORNEO.INFO, CDASON.COM, cdasongraphics are owned and copyrighted to the author and written permission should be obtained before using it in any possible way. Contact the author of this blog here.

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