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Roads into Matang-Gita area to be upgraded

Roads going into Matang Jaya will be upgraded by year end with billboards displaying work on their upgrades being placed at strategic locations.

Among the roads involved are the Jalan Matang Baru, Jalan Matang and Jalan Medang, Jalan Kubah Ria, Jalan Masjib Baru and Jalan Tun Rahman-Jalan Matang.

It is unclear what type of ‘upgrade’ will commence, but rumour has it that the roads will be widened.

Jalan Matang baru notably is known for it’s horrific traffic jams during office hours as road users resort to dangerous driving to get to their destination faster. In previous years, there was plans to have a flyover at the Datuk Kipali bin Abang Kip roundabout, but it was said to be scrapped due to reports that a flyover will cause an even massive traffic jam in Satok.

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