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Taman Sri Kenyalang, Matang

Since plans to develop MetroCity Matang have emerged, new residential areas have been designated near Matang area with Taman Sri Kenyalang one of them.
Taman Sri Matang Single storey
The new housing project will see 24 units of Single Storey Terrace houses being built, with 6 units of Single Storey Semi-D also made available.
Taman Sri Matang 1
Taman Sri Kenyalang would be located at 9th Mile Matang area and is just right beside Sekolah Menengah Vokasional which is 10 mins away from E-Mart Matang.

With plans to improve road connectivity well on-going for Matang, the price of the property is expected to increase by the week.

[UPDATED 26.08.2015]
It has come to our attention that the houses at Taman Sri Kenyalang are as follows:

Single Storey Terrace Intermediate
RM 290,000 (4.67 points)
RM 300,000 (5.73 points)
RM 305,000 (6.03 points)
B/up area: 932ft²

Single Storey Terrace Corner
RM 350,000 (9.54 points)
RM 391,000 (13.62 points)
RM 406,000 (15.17 points)
B/up area: 932ft²

Single Storey Semi Detached
RM 385k (8.90 points)
RM 395k (9.71 points)
B/up area: 1,059ft²

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