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Top ten hotels in Kuching, Sarawak

If you are intending to visit Kuching, you will need a place to stay, but which one is the best? Well, at we try to crack that dilemma and did some scouting online, and combined it based on our personal knowledge of the hotel locality and advantages and came up with the top ten hotels in Kuching below! (Rank in no particular order).

#1 Pullman Kuching
Pullman Kuching
Pullman Kuching sits right smack in the middle of the city with a view many other hotels envy. The hotel which is popular among business travelers and those with every intention to splurge gets a lot of positive feedback when it comes to staying in the city of Kuching simply because it offers amazing service, and has maintained its service level ever since it started operating. It’s location, which is not only strategic, but also on top of the highest hill in the city gives it unmatched advantage when it comes to an aerial view of Kuching,  but it also enables one to move around without needing transportation.

#2 The Lime Tree Hotel
Lime Tree1
The Lime Tree Hotel may lack in size, and may be the last place any local would choose to recommend to their friends due to its ‘less known reputation’. Nonetheless, it comes is considered one of the best hotels in Kuching simply because it’s a hotel known to many as giving you good value for what you pay for. While the hotel lacks amenities such as a swimming pool , a proper car park, or a gym, it does however boast of a fantastic rooftop bar which overlooks the city, and rooms have been reported to be spanking clean despite the price you pay. Local eateries are found in abundance nearby the hotel, and the city centre is just minutes away for those loving a short stroll along the streets of Kuching.

#3 Hilton Kuching
Hilton Kuching
Hilton Kuching is one of the oldest hotel in the city, but with it being located just beside the famed Kuching Waterfront, occupancy has been good. The hotel might have dated interiors, but the staff in the hotel are exceptional at making your stay more than pleasant. Compared to other hotels in the city, Hilton Kuching is currently the few that enjoy a complete central location, hence putting many tourist attractions within a walking distance. Aside from that, Hilton Kuching is one of the three hotels in Kuching where you could truly enjoy the mesmerizing Kuching sunset with full glory, from the window of your room.

#4 Citadines Uplands Kuching
Citidines Kuching
Citidines Uplands offers something different to those wanting to stay in Kuching because it is actually a dedicated hotel apartment, with some units occupied by long term tenants. The hotel is located near one of Kuching’s best malls, which is The Spring, but that’s about it. There is a couple of other night spots and eateries nearby, but the city center is quite far for anyone to walk. The hotel gains good reputation for being very clean and huge for its rates, and its services have been reported to be exceptional.  For those loving a dip in the pool, the hotel also offers a nice pool which overlooks some parts of Kuching.

#5 Permai Rainforest Resort
Permai Rainforest Resort isn’t located in the city of Kuching, and is in fact about an hour drive from the city. This resort is popular among tourist because it provides nature dwellers the closest experience of living in a pristine rainforest, with the beach just a few minutes away. Despite being tucked in the rainforest, visitors can still enjoy the wonderful sunset from an in-house bar which overlooks the sea. Aside from its location, the staff of the resort have been known to be very helpful, although one would need to hire a taxi or take a shuttle bus to go to the city. This rainforest resort is probably the only place you’d be able to literally live on trees in Sarawak.

#6 Damai Puri Resort and Spa
Damai Puri
Damai Puri Resort and Spa is not far from the Permai Rainforest Resort. The only difference between the two, is the the fact that Damai Puri is considered a bit more ‘high-end’ if compared to Permai Rainforest Resort. At Damai Puri, you can expect to see the sea from your room, with a private beach at your disposal. The service at this hotel is amazing, and it has been upgraded in recent years to keep up with the current hotel trends. Like Permai Rainforest Resort however, the hotel is a distant form town, so unless you are planning to unwind and relax, this might not be the hotel for you.

#7 Riverside Majestic Hotel
Riverside Majestic
Riverside Majestic Hotel is located at the centre of Kuching new city centre. Small malls squeeze nearby the hotel, and Kuching nightspots, as well as local eateries, are just minutes away. The hotel doesn’t quite have a view as it is blocked by other equal sized hotels, but if you are lucky, you will be enjoy a good view overlooking the Kuching Waterfront. The view might be tight, but it is superb is the weather permits. In terms of service, Riverside Majestic will serve you like kings although their room detail is a bit dated and is in need of some major renovations.

#8 M Hotels (Previously 360 Urban Resort at Hotel Hock Lee Center)
M hotel
M Hotels sits quite far from the golden triangle of Kuching, but it does offer great hospitality and accommodation in Kuching. Despite being quite far from the central of Kuching, M Hotel is just a few minutes walk from nightspots and eateries which are considered out of reach for those staying near the city center. Those who stayed here liked the fact that there is a small mall just below the hotel, while many commended the hotel for its cleanliness.

#9 Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching
Tune Hotel Kuching
Known for offering cheap prices, and sometimes free stays, Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching is part of Tune Group, which also owns AirAsia (yes, that low cost carrier). In Kuching, Tune Hotel hit the jackpot by having their hotel placed at the Golden Triangle of Kuching, with almost everything just a walking distance. The bed and amenities provided may be basic (some with extra cost), but that does not mean the hotel is in poor condition. In fact, their beds are super soft, and you can basically do away with air conditioning in Kuching as it’s not ‘that humid’ due to its ‘garden city’nature. Tune Hotel does not provide you much of a view, but its value for money and location justifies why it is considered one of the best in Kuching.

#10 The Ranee Boutique Suits
Ranee 1
This up-coming boutique hotel seems to be favoured by a lot of tourist lately, and we can’t blame them because they enjoy pristine location; namely right smack near one of Kuching’s newest shopping mall, close to a heritage building (The Sarawak Tourism complex), opposite the famed Kuching Waterfront, and just a boat away from the more ‘traditional side’ of the city. Nonetheless, without those, Ranee also prides itself with its clean and nice decorations, while its staff have been said to be friendly and attentive.

Well, this list will need to be refreshed as time passes by, but we do hope it is of help to those of you looking for a place to stay in Kuching. To book yourself a hotel in Kuching, or to check out more hotels in Kuching, kindly visit this link.

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