Kuching Borneo Info is a travel website which focus on information on Sarawak’s state capital, Kuching. The beauty of this site is that it gives direct information based on previous visitors feedback and our personal experiences as Kuching people, hence making it a website with a collective review on something which is related to Kuching.

The choice of name (kuchingborneo.info) is due to Borneo being more popular than Sarawak in search engines, and taking up ‘KuchingSarawakBorneo.info’ would make the domain name way too long.  It is also our point that we could love to reach as many readers possible in order to get tourist interested of Kuching when they Google ‘Borneo’, and hence the choice of jumping straight from Kuching to Borneo, skipping the name ‘Malaysia’ and ‘Sarawak’.

It is most important to note that despite the shorten domain name, we never look down on Sarawak’s significance in the site, and we are proud to be part of Sarawak.

We welcome anyone interested to share information on Kuching, and this includes development projects, press release, information on events, tourist spots and so on.  Credit will be given to all contributors.  If you are interested, please email admin[at]kuchingborneo.info.

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